Superwholock Gif Challenge

1) The 65th GIF in your folder will be your reaction when you hear that Superwholock will actually happen:

#ACCURATE It would be the least heterosexual show in existence.

2) The 83rd GIF in your folder will be your reaction to the opening:

Evidently what I say to my family - they always talk through the first five minutes of any show, and I just sit there going, “Nooooo shuuuuuush can you not see I am havingfeeeeeels.”

3) The 2nd to last GIF will be their enemy in the first episode:

So, what… sex is their enemy? …I am okay with this.

4) The 49th GIF will be the Doctor’s reaction to meeting Sherlock:

#PERFECT But, wait, no, Sherly belongs to John, Doctor! You can’t have him…

5) The 56th GIF will be Sherlock’s reaction to meeting the Winchesters:

Wait, he’s going to get hit by them, or handcuffed to them, or him and John will be in handcuffs, or…? Either way, this is good.

6) The 21st GIF will be Sam and Dean’s reaction to both Sherlock and the Doctor:

…The fuck is this. Sam and Dean will gain the power to make cats appear out of Sherlock’s hair?

7) The 17th GIF will be your reaction to the climax of the episode:


8) The 72nd GIF is what you feel like after finishing the episode:

I have been mindfucked by Mofftiss and Kripke… (Signs of extreme fangirling and shock include an inability to swallow water. This can quickly prove fatal. Get fangirling person to hospital immediately.)

9) The 9th to last GIF will be your reaction when you hear they only show one episode every three months:

As a wise person once said, “I shall sit here consumed with lust for the rest of the evening.” I would just stay there staring at the screen in a delighted, shell-shocked haze for the rest of the evening…

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